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Oregon for the 4th

by craigc on Jul.03, 2009, under Adventure, North America

We got to Oregon thursday night. Around 1 in the morning we got in and i had been entertained by an interesting fellow who could talk for 2 hours straight. I was entertained and found it interesting, my mom did not.

On friday we drove to the coast. We left late and hit fun oregonian traffic which is a 2 lane to a 1 lane road (see the first pic for something truely not interesting, haha im passing time) The gps system said 32 miles and 55 minutes to destination for a good 45 mins of the stalled driving. Ooo yay. Now things are moving along. Oh and 105.9 fm ‘The Brew’ rocks my sandals off!!

So the downside of Oregon is that apart from it being beautiful and undeveloped, transportation wise, is that there are no major roads to the coast. So every one is there. At the end of our drive in it took us 37 min to go 9.9 miles, and that was like 30 minutes for 8 miles and 7 minutes for 2 miles. Oh well.
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The Gallery Test

by craigc on Jun.24, 2009, under Uncategorized

In and effort to improve the site and work on the multiple parts i think it is time for a gallery. Sweet!
I took these shots at the 2006 LA Auto Show.

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Relay for Life Sb 09

by craigc on May.15, 2009, under Adventure

The relay has started, well the walking part. There was a nice speech and survivor lap before that. It was a touching speech.I was late to set up but still made it and tossed about half the camp stuff on the ground here is my first lap pic:

So patty sabrina and garrett got here to help walking so i have time to rest. I also set up camp ooo boy doesnt it look homely!

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Karaoke or weapon of sonic destruction, part 1.

by andresp on May.02, 2009, under Nostalgic blackmail

Okay, so with all the time on my hands i decided to go back through my video archives. Its a large ammo box with tapes in it. Anyway I found these pearls. With the bounty found, a new section was to be created to show these treasures. Titled nostalgic blackmail as the nature of these posts are things that as we grow older you find you don’t want your friends/loved ones to see.

The first couple of posts to Nostalgic blackmail are songs sung by my friends at my 20th birthday party. It was fun and since we were all 20 for the most part, this was done using free will and no alcohol. enjoy!

Derek actually was the best singer out of all of us. But Andres was by far one of the most energetic. Haha, and now he’s part of the AeroSwineLTD family.
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Updates for the adventures ahead

by craigc on Apr.28, 2009, under Odds

To try to explain it I came up with a grand scheme to do a blog update during relay for life. Well actually a continuous update with photos and all. There was a snafu and i thought if worst comes to worst i would embark on a 24 hr voyage around the track for relay. As of now it seems that it will only be for the first several hours that i will walk alone for Good News Bears. Other teammates will make it for the night.
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