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If you really like to count calories.

by craigc on Jan.31, 2010, under Cooking with Craig

The Calorie count in basic form.

The Calorie count in basic form.

The origin of this side dish came from my stay in europe of 09. My cousin peter(his name is actually much more Scandinavian in spelling) created a much more extravagant version of this one morning when i was making fresh slab bacon. He took some day old rustic bread, sliced it and dipped it in a little bacon grease. Let it sit on the griddle till it got crispy then he added some cheese and salami and i forget if there was tomato as well. Anyway i know i had a tomato on mine I might of put it there myself. They were amazing you could only have like one or two of these little sandwiches but that was all that was necessary.

Anyway here comes todays little snack, the calorie count. If you have some day old bread and want a side snack for breakfast while making bacon.

Here is what you need:

- day old baguette (Dianne made fresh ones yesterday)

- bacon grease

- Dutch Farmhouse Cheese (Polder Boernkaas ,by Dutch Castle)

Takes some day old bread, ad cut it into a 2 inch wide piece. Then you will cut that on the horizontal so you have 2 squares of bread. Dip the bread in the grease and then let it cook for around 5 minutes or until it gets a golden brown and crispy. Take the bread and add a slice of this cheese, we used the dutch farmhouse cheese which is a raw milk gouda cheese called Boerenkaas. Let the cheese melt into the crispy bread and then serve while warm. Any raw milk or soft cheese will do I think.

These are amazingly delicious but you will have to do a bit of exercise to work them off. I also suggest the modification  of adding some salami a slice of tomato and a leaf of basil. This makes for a more well balanced sandwich. Balanced in taste not health.



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