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Let’s get ready to rum… No wait!

by craigc on Sep.09, 2009, under North America

So we start todays adventure at LAX. Oh I know it well, not that well, but good enough. I arrived at the terminal st 7 and with the whole self check-in, my ability to not pack suspicious things IN my bag, And to only wear cotton I managed to get through security and checked-in in 30 min. Yay. Well it was also 7 am. That helped a bit. I’m off to o’hare for my first part of the journey, but that doesn’t happen for 2 hours. Better to wait than be late!
This is annorth american part of the flight so it’s not Europe yet.

Travel tips! :
- bring munchies – I have to pay for food if I want to eat on the plane.

- don’t wear metal – it slows the security process. I wear only cotton it’s also nice to travel in.

- pack your carry for the X-Ray machine.
- Bring something to do for the wait!
- make sure your electonics can turn on! This is only an issue In Germany where they are really strict and search everything. No hiding things In your electronic or any cavities! They wand everyone! Haha

Till we meet again. Bon voyage!

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