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Adventure updates from the 9th on…

by craigc on Sep.01, 2009, under Adventure

So here at the Aeroswine LTD blogspace I am proud to announce a new subcategory of adventure. It’s travel… for those day trips and more importantly when I leave the country or state. I wanted to make the sections to better organize. And I know since i made the adventure section i really don’t need the travel. I may just leave out travel and put the continents under Adventure. Yes i will do that.

On the 9th of September I leave to meet Di in France. Where our adventure will start and travel from the southern coast of France to Italy and across italy. It will be a different kind of adventure than my sister and her friend christina are having. Ours will still be a blast though we have already guaranteed roofs over our heads.

With all the new sections up I hope to start to upload old photos from my travels and have galleries of maybe 12-30 photos and some videos. I shoot a lot when I travel so I will try to only use the best of my footage. Later!

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