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Komrades, Blogrades

by craigc on Jul.15, 2009, under Uncategorized

Working with the blog I’ve noticed two things. 1) A metric ton of comment spam comes from Russia. That .ru is russian and for what ever reason they seem to find this stuff/ they are really good at writing scripts that find this crap on the web and post to it. I love tetris and vodka is tasty. Nice folks over there, but they need better hobbies as well, perhaps a blog that they can spam to their hearts content. Ooo.

2) I really enjoy doing things other than continuously updating my blog, and right now things aren’t interesting enough for me to bore the zero audience members I have. That being said, updates when they come will probably be some sort of multimedia other than digital text. A video of food or travel, or pictures of something. Yeah I’m bored with myself on the blog. Now I will finally finish that oregon 4th post a good 11-12 days after posting it. Basically a love of fireworks and pictures will go up.

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