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Updates for the adventures ahead

by craigc on Apr.28, 2009, under Odds

To try to explain it I came up with a grand scheme to do a blog update during relay for life. Well actually a continuous update with photos and all. There was a snafu and i thought if worst comes to worst i would embark on a 24 hr voyage around the track for relay. As of now it seems that it will only be for the first several hours that i will walk alone for Good News Bears. Other teammates will make it for the night.

As di jokes “there’s an app for that” and it’s true there is! This app i hope to use during my travels over summer and to grow the aeroswineltd blog with rip roaring adventures or to kill boredom while stuck in traffic. So here is the test of the wordpress app! How does it look? And i will soon be doing more updates as i have little else to do. Later!

Oh i also realized that although my spelling may be crap with this, I will be able to do cooking updates while cooking, Oh Snap!

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