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Pics of the first ever Daydreamers show!!!

by craigc on Mar.21, 2009, under Uncategorized

Cast Pics:

img_5395 img_5390 img_5405

Humberto Guida’s Stand-up

img_5246 img_5247

Sketch 1: Meathead & the tranny internet rumor

img_5249 img_5250 img_5251 img_5252 img_5253

Jade Catta’s Stand-up

Jade Catta img_5259

Sketch 2: Ignorant Luis

img_5260 img_5265 img_5266

Alex Ansoleaga’s Stand-up

img_5271 img_5274 img_5279 img_5276

Sketch 3: Gangsta Roast

img_5283 img_5288 img_5294 img_5296 img_5299 img_5301

Andres Palencia’s Stand-up

img_5306 img_5310 img_5311

Sketch 4: Hostage Situation

img_5315 img_5316 img_5317 img_5320 img_5322 img_5327 img_5330 img_5332

A song by Jose Marcelino Ortiz

img_5338 img_5335 img_5339 img_5340 img_5343 img_5344

Sketch 5: Pimp Spelling Bee

img_5352 img_5351 img_5356 img_5360 img_5362 img_5367 img_5368

Photos by Craig Calkins, AeroSwine LTD, LLC.

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