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Saturday in the Park, I think I ate some Buffalo on Rye…

by craigc on Jan.17, 2009, under Cooking with Craig

Okay that is a lie. It was a honey wheat bun and there was no park, just an ocean view and a kitchen with a Foreman grill. Those things are great but we will get back to that later because i must shout my love for Buffalo especially ones that have been squeezed into intestinal casing. I’m talking about Buffalo hot dogs and not some magic trick gone horribly wrong or horribly right.

Di introduced me to the delicious Buffalo and its hot dog variant. It was a drunken night and hotdogs fried in butter sounded oh so good. Since then i’ve had the craving for them much like my craving for pink berry. What is nice is that the buffalo dogs are possibly better for me than regular hot dogs though i still love the Ball Park ‘variety meat’ franks( I dont like the texture of the beef ones and they dont nuke well).

Today’s recipe is simple and over indulgent, and I just ate an apple to make it seem like I wanted to be healthy. I did not make the hot dogs they are from Whole Foods Market, But the assortment on top was all me baby.

Bodacious Buffalo Bacon Bounty on Buns:

Honey Wheat or any Bun of your choosing

And for each bun add:
1 Buffalo Hot-Dog
1-2 Slices of Bacon
1 Slice Munster Cheese
1/2 Slice Tillamook Medium Cheddar cheese.
Hot Sauce and BBQ sauce to your desire

I like to wrap my dogs in the Bacon, though it is easy to throw them in on the side and easier to accomplish as the bacon has the tendency to burst into flames on the grill or fall off of the dog.

Open the bun(toasted is the way i like um) and add the cheese in parallel to the length of the bun. Try to fill that sucker up so when you but the hot hot-dog in the bun the cheese melts. mmmm. Put the ingredients on top of that add your condiments and some tater salad and you are good to over indulge. Part of me likes to thing that the more nutritional buffalo allows for me to splurge with the bacon.

After eating the Bounty proceed to bed for a nice siesta

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