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Life really is a Highway, and I seem to be driving it all day long.

by craigc on Mar.29, 2008, under Adventure, North America

Friday ~ 240 miles.
There are ways to extract simple pleasures from the mundane and some times painful processes in life. Driving up to Goleta in search of a place is a bit tedious. But adventuring up to Goleta in search of a place is so much better. Okay I just changed a word but, with that change it also alters the perceptions of the whole trip. Today was the first part of a long and enjoyable trip. From my start in the sunny Malibu, I embarked up the coast.

The Pacific coast highway is so beautiful, apart from all those god damn stop lights in malibu down by Pt.Dume. After getting through that mess you cruise and It’s so nice. Hitting the freeway(101) and just enjoying myself, Santa Barbara and Goleta arrived pretty quickly.

It’s been forever since I’ve wandered Goleta. I’ve never fully done it really, always going to the store, never with out purpose. I did have purpose really, but it was in finding a place. And with that it allowed me to really look at things. There are some cute little places there. Some old 1950s motor court sort of apartments, which look like small studio lodges. And buildings of all types. Wandering through the back streets you see farms on one side of the road and technology business centers on the other side. It’s strange to see the two so close together when what they represent is so far apart.

I found some places and roamed around. I visited my favorite gal up there, and all be it literally for only like 2 minutes, it was still nice. The next problem came with the clock striking 4 and me being stuck in Goleta with rush hour friday traffic. I hate traffic, so I went to the beach. A walk in the beach is very comforting, the cold water relieves sores and at the same time gives its own type of pain. The barefoot feeling in the sand is nice though. Playing with seagulls and pelicans also passed the time well.

At 5 I felt it safe to travel home. Okay i really just had nothing to do. I seemed to have started to rely on my phone to entertain me with the connection of a friend, rather than just let myself be in my own head. Since no one was around to bug, I started to entertain myself. I made it to downtown SB before a back up and then ventured to the city streets. From SB to Montecito and down and around Summerland, the streets are nice and avg 40 MPH, so it’s a whole lot nicer than being stuck in traffic for that whole time. Making my way through the streets it’s a much more peaceful setting than the freeway, You can watch the difference. I had some fun with my camera. That’s dirty.

Down the 101 I went, stopping for gas and then all the way down into hollywood. I thought  would be traffic, but nope, it flowed I was happy and then visited alex in Hollywood. For those that do not know alex, he is pure genius, and yes can embody the soul of a 12 year old so well that it’s pure entertainment. And smart fun at that. He and Andres had a style all there own and in Hollywood, Men 5 years his senior steal Alex’s style. Sadly Andres had a similar effect, but gals 5-8 years his junior stole his style. Oh well.

Alex showed me around his apartment and what I will be fixing. From there we traveled down sunset to peruse the Home Depot and then get some Thai. I work for food you see, it’s delicious work it is. We went to the hottesest thai food place in town. Ordered the hottest stuff and my lord was it delicious, hot and a great way to clear out the sinuses. I can still breath thanks to that. Thai food is delicious, and by far each dish is so different. We ordered 3 things and they all had unique tastes. All extremely hot to a point where Alex can’t taste anything and is possibly hallucinating, and I am feeling the joys of being drunk and drunk dialing even though I have only had hot spice and water, no alcohol to bring about the feelings. It was a nice clean high, with fresh breathing thanks to the unclogged nose. Alex then treated m e to ice cream, which was very good and I thankfully mixed the rosewater with choc fudge mmm mmm good.

Alex’s apartment is truly unique. Seems to be designed and built by an architect with no approval from a civil engineer. Things don’t work and things do work. Why the hell am I putting two O”s in do. The house itself is so unique in its style and it’s mix of calamity. It’s an amazing view to boot. A very fun place, and like a tree house for big kids. After fixing and breaking and then fixing some more things, I was done for the night.

Leaving on the wrong freeway for too long was a hoot, nothing an off ramp with two well placed green lights couldn’t fix. There was even a detour which meant a nice stroll through the city streets. Parts of LA are absolutely baron at 1230am and with good reason. I drove down the 101-110-10 watching LA, westwood, century city, all go by. IT was nice, a racer or two to add to the mix and then back home to the coast. What a day. What fun, and to think part of it gets to be continued tomorrow. I really have to mention home much I love Jeorge. He works so hard and it seems like he does it with no effort. He is always there for me and so comfortable. He’s a great Jeep. Now for some sleep and a continuations on day 2.

Saturday ~ 190 miles
* Day two was 15 days ago. I don’t remember what happened. I was in the car. I drove more, I bonded more with my brother from a mechanical mother. I had a table in a trunk and it took a while but I found a place. Damn. I have video too. Oh yeah I sang, now I’m not sure if the singing was from the first or second disembarking but who really cares.

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