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The grand Italian villa tour

by craigc on Oct.14, 2009, under Adventure, Europe

Join me with my camera-lady Dianne, as we tour the Castellare de’ Sernigi villa in tuscany. We stayed here for 6 days or so and we all wished we spent more time relaxing in the Villa.

I decided not to edit these pieces, so the face that you can hear the cues and my camera-lady is on purpose.

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The First night of Rome

by craigc on Sep.15, 2009, under Adventure, Europe

So we all got here finally. Thankfully the folks made it as did Lauren. Lauren while in Europe remains a spirit able to flow freely through the crowd without the stares of locals. A side effect of being amazonian in the states.

The children all went down the Spanish steps…

At the top of the Spanish Steps... Chiesa della Trinta dei Monti

At the top of the Spanish Steps... Chiesa della Trinta dei Monti.

** Europe fact ** Check your tools before pluging them into a 220V outlet here. First understand that there is a difference between an adapter and a converter. An adapter takes in the 220V or 110V and converts the plug to the plug type you wish to use. Only the plug is converted. A converter not only converts the plug interface but also is a large transformer that steps the voltage down from 220V (if you are in Europe) to 110V or the reverse if you are in the states converting to 220V. Always check the power requirements of the tool you are plugging into the converter and the maximum output of the converter. If your tool requires more power than the converter, lots bad things will happen. Like a fried wall plug, or half the electricity in the hotel room will go out. So plug in with care and check your load. **

Sorry where were we. The Spanish steps were lovely and we all went to a restaurant that my mom suggested. She had remembered it and i believe a friend told her to go to it. What it turns out was, we had indeed been there earlier in life. Originally we noticed that they did not take credit cards so we did not eat there. This was a surprise to my this time because it didn’t register till we ordered and I realized that it was a good thing that I had gone to the bank earlier. Anyway dinner was on mom when we finally met up with the folks and it was a pretty nice night in Rome. It rained and poured with thunder and lightning, but then it cleared and was quite nice.

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Jerky in ohare!

by craigc on Sep.09, 2009, under North America

Screw trying to post in Chicago. Jerky rules!!!

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Let’s get ready to rum… No wait!

by craigc on Sep.09, 2009, under North America

So we start todays adventure at LAX. Oh I know it well, not that well, but good enough. I arrived at the terminal st 7 and with the whole self check-in, my ability to not pack suspicious things IN my bag, And to only wear cotton I managed to get through security and checked-in in 30 min. Yay. Well it was also 7 am. That helped a bit. I’m off to o’hare for my first part of the journey, but that doesn’t happen for 2 hours. Better to wait than be late!
This is annorth american part of the flight so it’s not Europe yet.

Travel tips! :
- bring munchies – I have to pay for food if I want to eat on the plane.

- don’t wear metal – it slows the security process. I wear only cotton it’s also nice to travel in.

- pack your carry for the X-Ray machine.
- Bring something to do for the wait!
- make sure your electonics can turn on! This is only an issue In Germany where they are really strict and search everything. No hiding things In your electronic or any cavities! They wand everyone! Haha

Till we meet again. Bon voyage!

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Adventure updates from the 9th on…

by craigc on Sep.01, 2009, under Adventure

So here at the Aeroswine LTD blogspace I am proud to announce a new subcategory of adventure. It’s travel… for those day trips and more importantly when I leave the country or state. I wanted to make the sections to better organize. And I know since i made the adventure section i really don’t need the travel. I may just leave out travel and put the continents under Adventure. Yes i will do that.

On the 9th of September I leave to meet Di in France. Where our adventure will start and travel from the southern coast of France to Italy and across italy. It will be a different kind of adventure than my sister and her friend christina are having. Ours will still be a blast though we have already guaranteed roofs over our heads.

With all the new sections up I hope to start to upload old photos from my travels and have galleries of maybe 12-30 photos and some videos. I shoot a lot when I travel so I will try to only use the best of my footage. Later!

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