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Nostalgic blackmail

Karaoke or weapon of sonic destruction, part 1.

by andresp on May.02, 2009, under Nostalgic blackmail

Okay, so with all the time on my hands i decided to go back through my video archives. Its a large ammo box with tapes in it. Anyway I found these pearls. With the bounty found, a new section was to be created to show these treasures. Titled nostalgic blackmail as the nature of these posts are things that as we grow older you find you don’t want your friends/loved ones to see.

The first couple of posts to Nostalgic blackmail are songs sung by my friends at my 20th birthday party. It was fun and since we were all 20 for the most part, this was done using free will and no alcohol. enjoy!

Derek actually was the best singer out of all of us. But Andres was by far one of the most energetic. Haha, and now he’s part of the AeroSwineLTD family.
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