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Komrades, Blogrades

by craigc on Jul.15, 2009, under Uncategorized

Working with the blog I’ve noticed two things. 1) A metric ton of comment spam comes from Russia. That .ru is russian and for what ever reason they seem to find this stuff/ they are really good at writing scripts that find this crap on the web and post to it. I love tetris and vodka is tasty. Nice folks over there, but they need better hobbies as well, perhaps a blog that they can spam to their hearts content. Ooo.

2) I really enjoy doing things other than continuously updating my blog, and right now things aren’t interesting enough for me to bore the zero audience members I have. That being said, updates when they come will probably be some sort of multimedia other than digital text. A video of food or travel, or pictures of something. Yeah I’m bored with myself on the blog. Now I will finally finish that oregon 4th post a good 11-12 days after posting it. Basically a love of fireworks and pictures will go up.

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The Gallery Test

by craigc on Jun.24, 2009, under Uncategorized

In and effort to improve the site and work on the multiple parts i think it is time for a gallery. Sweet!
I took these shots at the 2006 LA Auto Show.

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by craigc on Apr.12, 2008, under Odds, Uncategorized

Andres wrote a sketch. I horribly acted it out with voices and all. You know you want to watch. You know it’s going to hurt a little but, a very white man trying to pull this scene off is funny. Well maybe funny.
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by craigc on Mar.20, 2008, under Uncategorized

If you’ve spent any time around wires, free or harnessed, you know several things. One is that you need that coating of plastic, the other is that If you leave wires unattended they will try to have sex with each other. And you thought that plastic was for insulation.

Wires, big or small, like to be in a coil, in their natural state. When you leave them be they will try to return to their curved state and with other wires around them. Sadly this means if you leave some in a box, they will be in a knot. Car wiring is the same way. With all the bouncing and rolling, any slack in the wire and it will try to coil.

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